Global Mission Outreach
SSRGM is an evangelical missions organization providing Christian training, counseling and relief both nationally and internationally. Dedicated to the commandment to proclaim the Gospel to all the world and disciple people of all nations, Son Rise Global Ministries works in collaboration with indigenous Christian leaders in developing countries.   Son Rise Global Ministries provides opportunities ... Global Mission Outreach
Leadership Development
School of Ministry Son Rise School of Ministry was founded in 1985, by Dr. Hamilton, and later progressed in 1998 to Son Rise School of Ministry and Missions Training. OUR VISION The vision of SRGSM is to be a Bible school that teaches the Word of God with simplicity and understanding so that it may ... Leadership Development
Who we are
SON RISE GLOBAL MINISTRIES, INC (SRGM) has a new face which exemplifies how ministry is to be conducted. SRGM has an integral role in the Kingdom of God to bring about reformation and to reestablish the Apostolic and Prophetic offices in the earth which promotes the rising up and advancing of many sons into a ... Who we are
What We Do

SON RISE GLOBAL MINISTRIES, INC will fulfill its vision by: (1) Building the Kingdom of God through the disciplining of individuals into spiritual maturity; (2) Developing servant leaders, whose love for and obedience to Christ are without compromise; (3) Utilizing the Word of God to lead individuals into a level of maturity in their relationship What We Do

What We Believe

We believe and accept the entire Bible as the infallible Word of God, inspired by the Holy Ghost; the only and perfect order of our faith and manner of living; to which nothing can be added or taken away, which is the power of God unto salvation to believers (2 Peter 1 :21; 2 Timothy What We Believe

SRGM OnLine Issue 34 – The Master in Theological Studies Program is an Answer to Prayer
SRGM OnLine Issue 35 – “Go and make disciples…”

// AUG 16 ISSUE // Message from Chief Strategy Officer Katie Boatwright News You Can Use: New global servant, short-term mission, and more Project Spotlight:  Woman’s surgical care in the Democratic Republic of the Congo Journal Update: IM Global Servants Aaron and AmyEstelle Trout

SRGM supports the work and ministry of Zimbabwe, Africa

SRGM invites prayers and support for Haiti and the people of Haiti in the wake of the August 14 earthquake, which devastated the southern portion of the Caribbean nation. As of August 19, the deaths of over 2,000 persons and injuries of more than 12,000 are attributed to the 7.2 magnitude quake, which struck about SRGM supports the work and ministry of Zimbabwe, Africa

Spiritual Restoration
When you are hurting you are most vulnerable. You are being oppressed, through oppression comes your methods of suppression, out of suppression comes depression, depression lures obsession which leads to possession which is a confession you’ve had in your personal – session with yourself. It is not easy to fall into sin as some think: ... Spiritual Restoration